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‘Made in Europe’ Expert Panel Member

Thank you for your online registration as Expert Panel member for the Research Program “MADE IN EUROPE’. Your interest into joining the research is highly appreciated.

Before you will be enlisted as Expert Panel Member, you are kindly requested to:

  • read the ‘Participant Information Section’
  • submit relevant personal and business information in the ‘Personal Section’
  • tick the ‘Approval box’ at the bottom of the ‘Participant Consent Section’

You will receive your personal ‘member login’ upon acceptance as ‘Expert Panel Member’ for the research program.

Participant Information Sheet

The central question of the Research project MADE IN EUROPE is:

‘Which location factors need to be considered by Europe’s Manufacturing Industries to survive the 21st century?’

The Delphi study is the primary research phase of the above mentioned research project. As expert panel member you will receive three (3) online questionnaires on the topic of the research. After each round of questionnaires, you will receive a summary of the compiled comments from all participants. This will form the basis for the next questionnaire and so on. How much time you will spend on each questionnaire is fully dependent on your personal input and comments. The estimated amount of time required will be indicated at the start of each questionnaire.

Important note: your participation to the research will be fully anonymous. Your confidentiality and that of your employer is safeguarded. Except for the Researcher, nobody has access to the information submitted by you. Anonymity is an important criterion for the execution of a Delphi Research. You are requested not to share any data input to any other outside third party. This is required to secure full Research data integrity, both for yourself as for the other participants.

When a questionnaire is available for you, an email to the address provided by you will be sent with a link. By clicking on this link and after your ‘member login’, you can access the questionnaire and give your input and comments online.

What will happen with the information provided by you?

All information submitted by you is strictly confidential and not accessible to other expert panel members or anybody else. Your contribution to the research is therefore anonymous. Expect for the Researcher, nobody has access to the information submitted by you. Nobody will contact you on your contribution to the Delphi research other than the Researcher himself or the web-master in case you encounter technical issues.

All your communication with the website is using HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). This protocol is also used for online banking, webshops and other electronic transfer of secure data. The HTTPS protocol secures both your identity and your input into the research is properly protected.

Upon completion of the overall thesis estimated early 2018, you will receive a personal executive summary. The results of the Delphi research, once anonymized, will remain available for other scientific research upon request. Please note that the anonymized results of the Delphi research might be used in further publications and research on the subject of Location strategy, Location theory, Delphi research and other related topics. The Researcher will safeguard proper source reference in any future publication.

Closing note:
Your participation as expert panel member is voluntary, meaning you are free to withdraw from the expert panel anytime. During the entire process, you can contact the Researcher on [email protected] for any questions you might have on the process, your participation or any other related topic. When the research is finished and in case you wish to contact somebody on adherence to the agreed terms, you can contact the Researcher directly ([email protected]) or the two certifying institutes, Business School Nederland ([email protected]) or Sheffield Hallam University ([email protected]) with reference to ‘International DBA thesis Made in Europe’.

  • Personal information

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Business information

  • Years working experience in European Manufacturing sector:

  • Email Contact details:

    Please choose at least one option:
  • Public business profile:

  • Participant Consent Form

    1. I have read the Information Sheet for this study and have had details of the study explained to me.
    2. My questions about the study have been answered to my satisfaction and I understand that I may ask further questions at any point.
    3. I understand that I am free to withdraw from the study within the time limits outlined in the Information Sheet, without giving a reason for my withdrawal or to decline to answer any particular questions in the study without any consequences to my future treatment by the researcher.
    4. I agree to provide information to the researchers under the conditions of confidentiality set out in the Information Sheet.
    5. I wish to participate in the study under the conditions set out in the Information Sheet.
    6. I consent to the information collected for the purposes of this research study, once anonymised (so that I cannot be identified), to be used for any other research purposes.

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