Delphi Research Questionnaires (round 2)

Delphi Research Questionnaires - Round 2

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  • Thank you for participating in Round 2 of the Delphi research questionnaire of Made in Europe. During March and April 2017 all input from the Round 1 questionnaires have been received, analysed and compiled. Below you will find:

    • All formulated questions of Round 1
    • Your initial input / response
    • The compiled results of the Expert panel
    • Response box for your input in Round 2


    In Round 2 you have the possibility to:

    • Adjust your initial input
    • Add your comment and thoughts on the compiled results


    If you have participated in Round 1 and have no further comments, adjustments or input, you can leave the response box empty. If you have not been able to participate in Round 1, you can enter your input in the Response box for Round 2.



    You are kindly requested to submit your input before JUNE 20, 2017. If a 3rd round of questions will be required, depends on your received input from Round 1.

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