Delphi Research Questionnaires (round 1)

Delphi Research Questionnaires - Round 1

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  • Thank you for your participation as ‘expert panel member’ for the Research MADE IN EUROPE. The methodology for the questionnaires is based on the principles of a Delphi research.

    The Delphi technique is ‘an intuitive methodology for organizing and sharing “expert” forecasts about the future. Delphi operates on the principle that several heads are better than one making subjective conjectures about the future…and that experts will make conjectures based upon rational judgement rather than merely guessing…’ (Weaver, 1971).

    Procedure and Planning


    The procedure of the Delphi research MADE IN EUROPE will be as follows:

    • Following this introduction, you will receive 6 questions on 4 topics related to the Research (Round 1)
    • All answers from the participants will be collated and returned to you. In Round 2, you are invited to revise your initial input using the collective input from the other participants
    • In the final 3rd Round the collated answers from Round 2 are again presented to you for your final revision and comments
    Using the shared and revised expert participants input, the Researcher can explore the level of consensus on the different research questions.

    Structure of the questionnaire

    The questionnaire is split into four sections:

    The questionnaire is split into four sections:

    1. De-industrialization in Europe
      • 2 research questions (open)
    2. Operations strategy
      • 1 research question (open)
    3. Industrial location factors
      • 1 research question (semi open, rating of options)
    4. Decision making process
      • 2 research questions (open)

    Each topic will be introduced shortly after which the research questions will be presented. Most questions are self-explanatory with specific notes on each individual question.

    Closing Note: The Research questions refer to ‘the European Manufacturing Industry’. In your answer, please take the perspective of the specific Manufacturing sector close to your personal and professional experience.

    You are kindly requested to finalize your input for this questionnaire not later than the 31st of March 2017.

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